Finnegans Wake
James Joyce

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This page analyzes the occurence of words and phrases of foreign origin. Words and phrases in green are drawn from more than one language, and mousing over such a word will display all of the languages Joyce utilized in its creation.

Language Occurrences Percentage Words and Phrases
German 143 19.89 Bey Ding Elters Fear Fieldgaze thy tiny frow Finnlambs Futter Goat strip Finnlambs Gut Gut aftermeal Gutenmorg Hairfluke Heidenburgh Herrschuft Hohore Leaper Meldundleize Nixy Orthor Primas Primas Punct Puppette Riesengeborg Shize Taubling Underwetter Whallfisk What then agentlike Wolkencap Zmorde a bitskin abhears ahnsire all so angst aufroofs be dom ter behoughted bergins bier bissmark brodar buaboabaybohm buildung buildung butteler choruysh clever craching duncle endlike erde erde eyegonblack feige fimmieras floote forfall forover fredeland’s frow funk gen graab gross handworded handwording hearsomeness heegills helfalittle hellish hemmed himals himples huroldry iz iz leebez kim-mells kirssy knirps krieging larms leebez libe loab luderman lumpend marmorial mau-rer milch misches mormorial mush muttheringpot netherfallen norgels num-mered on shower papeer pass how plodsfoot pudor pudor puff rede regginbrow reise ringsome ruhmuhrmuhr rutterdamrotter saack salig schlice schlook senken siecken spier spooring sprids starck sterne stonengens strom stummer summan tauftauf thundersday thurum thurum tintingfast tonner trink trink gilt um um — scene uproor was iz watsch wielderfight wis woebecanned wondern yestern
Latin 143 19.89 Amni Apud Apud libertinam parvulam. Aput Artsa Cave! Culpenhelp Dare Duum Ex Ex nickylow malo comes mickelmassed bonum Felix Fiatfuit Finishthere Forficules Forsin Helviticus Hic Hic cubat edilis. Hirculos Ivoeh Liber Lividus Luna Monomark Mons Neblas Nondum Novo O foenix culprit Olim Papa Papa Vestray Primas Primas Punct Puropeus Quarry silex Quodlibus Rooks roarum rex roome Salmosalar Saloos Tarra’s Totities! Triom Typus Ub-lanium Undy gentian festyknees Unum Usgueadbaugham Vestray ancillars arminus audiurient balbulous bonum carina carina cele collupsus convorted cubat culprit dare deepbrow devorers dusty fidelios edilis encostive erigenating exaggerated excelsissimost fammy of levity fidelios foenix gallous gynecure habitacularly haud humus idim in nillohs dieybos inimy innocens insoult jiminies jiminy jiminy jiminy jiminy jiminy jiminy jiminy jimminies jimminy laus lex’s lex’s salig libe liberorumqueue libertinam lumbos magnate’s malo manument minxt monitrix mormorial mure murial nubo obscides omniboss oner pacts panuncular parvulam pastor pax pomme full grave primesigned provorted quid quod recursed rex roarum rory sabes silex strupithump supra surd surssurhummed suso tegotetab terricolous thurum and thurum in fancymud murumd tum ultimendly unda varminus vicus
French 129 17.94 Assaye Assiegates Bowe Cherry Come on, fool porterfull, hosiered women blown monk sewer? Comsy see Damn fairy ann, Voutre Figtreeyou Flou Lave Les Les Loves of Selskar et Pervenche Louee Lumproar Maye faye Mieliodories Mont Mont Pervenche Pied Pied de Poudre Poor the pay Poudre Puppette Purebelle Sang Sophy–Key-Po Tom Tonnerre Toucheaterre Voutre Who ails tongue coddeau, aspace of dumbillsilly? Zmorde actionneers age arkway of trihump assaye balistics begay besch Winnie blows Nay on good beuraly blessed bordles bottes bourseday branlish bricket brookcells cash cash cassay chosies coddeau collines corne craching cued peteet peas de de dormont dragon volant droit droit of signory d’amores ells enfranchisable engravure erde erde et expectungpelick fammy fassil fay floote footing the camp frasques from froriose goliar’s honnein suit ills larms larrons louee mound naperon parr passe passen-core passport out peteet pftjschute pharce plage plein plein avowels pleures pollyfool fiansees pomefructs pomme pouriose pourquose poussepousse poussey pre-tendant ptee pucelle quarterbrass review of the two mounds sabboes shoesets signory siktyten silvoor plate sosie surd tamtammers tete th’estrange tombed tombles tonner tourch trompe trompes troublant vert violer volant
Irish Gaelic 105 14.60 Adar Anam Anem Baily Be nayther Benn Boos-laeugh Bower Moore Cead Cead mealy faulty rices Cottericks Dare Elters Fake Finn Finnimore Fire — bugs Formoreans Gall Gambariste della porca Heather Irenean Isout Kapelavaster Kevin Knockmaroon Lanner’s Liam failed Maccullaghmore Mieliodories Morthering rue Noanswa Priam Olim Seeple Shimar Shimar Shin Shin Shopalist Slain Tarra’s Toragh Touchole Tuo Ualu Ualu Ualu Usgueadbaugham Waddlings Raid Wassaily ardking aroun baile’s beuraly blay bode boord brawdawn carhacks cearc collines cuddy cute goes siocur and shoos aroun dare dhoul dovesgall essavans fargobawlers fear finisky glav hinndoo hinndoo hinndoo Shimar Shin hinnessy hinnessy hinnessy issavan issavan essavans kanekannan kinkin kis knavepaltry lashons luderman mishe mishe muck my Elters naivebride oghres poghuing salig scrant shoos siocur solphereens strengly surssurhummed tarandtan thangas the bore the more thigging thur too-ath
Greek 58 8.07 Ag-apemonides Anna Stacey’s Basilico Boos-laeugh Bronto Brékkek Copricapron Delian Eirenesians Irenean Kékkek Kékkek Kékkek Kóax Kóax Kóax Mieliodories Monomark Pious Ptollmens Shize Tope Tris Typus Wassaily autokinotons basili boes bron brontoichthyan curios epsilene gamier hathatansy helio herodotary hippo holos hoyth huemeramybows isges isges isthmus libe minion moony ontophanes peri peri potmother perihelygangs phonio potmother pyrrhique thanacestross to tragoady triboos turnpaht
Danish 47 6.54 Baal Brettland Byggning Culpenhelp Dungtarf Elsekiss thou may, mean Kerry piggy? Hanandhun Hwaad Ore Selskar Skud Viv Whallfisk atter bagsides barnets brannewail brodar cattegut drengs drukn du-ran forfall forover forsstand fredeland’s holmsted howd hwide ilandiskippy kvarters lipsyg liv med peacefugle sair salig skull smal swaradid till till the drengs toller-day donsk? tom toohoohoorden twilling wilby
Dutch 46 6.40 Boos-laeugh Het wis if ee newt Hugacting Onheard Play Wolkencap Zee agent angst baken bier blooty boom buaboabaybohm bucklied calvers deef fredeland’s groot guldenselver handworded handwording hemmed honds hoops ilandiskippy kerks kraaking kraals marrog men — here’s met min num-mered pringlpik rust salig seep slaaps soort strengly strengly fore-bidden strubbely swaradid unrested waast
Italian 40 5.56 Basilico Brontolone Dalaveras fimmieras! Gambariste Louee Luna Micgranes O carina! O carina! Pia Pia de Purebelle Stilla Tuttut’s cess Zmorde alebrill bergagambols bergamoors bergincellies bergones cit citters della fimmieras gorgios grandfallar grass innebbiated louee noobi-busses ombre porca rimimirim riverrun sarch stralegy sytty toh tuon verdigrass wivvy
Anglo-Irish 32 4.45 Anam muck an dhoul Annie Anny Be in your whisht Betoun Bullsear Dibble a hayfork’s Findrinny Killykill-killy Landloughed a toll a toll afreet aroont bad scrant to me bawn bleethered buddhoch cashels clittering doat een frailyshees horrid mahan metherjar ollaves orra shee signs on it! solphereens twig
Hebrew 22 3.06 Daleth Humme Mapqiq Toragh adi batin baubletop cohalething hamissim himashim honnein hubbub lashons naym nebo paroqial peri sabboath sedeq shebi sherif sores
Serbo-Croatian 19 2.64 Wassaily Zmorde clever dugters duppy glav gleve gromgremmi inat loab locktoes militopucos misches nebo nubo quhare sewers shuttoned sin
Hindustani 14 1.95 Assaye Shimar Shimar Shin Shin argaum assaye awghurs gharagh hinndoo hinndoo hinndoo Shimar Shin madrashattaras varrhou
Norwegian 11 1.53 Oye askes f t. fiord fjell hoddit ild norgels ordurd swart goody sytty
Old English 11 1.53 Thon Thon’s Thon’s Thon’s abcedminded erde erde isges isges tha thorn
Arabic 9 1.25 Jined Khan Nizam dill jebel nabir sahuls unkalified wesways
Czech 8 1.11 Hney buddhoch hney hney nickylow peri sedeq strom
Old Norse 8 1.11 Norronesen ginnandgo gap ragnar ruma thonthorstrok thorn wallhall’s whirlworlds
Russian 7 0.97 Boos-laeugh Fetch neahere, Pat Koy Wramawitch brack cashels fetch nouyou, Pam Yates swete
Portuguese 6 0.83 Novo Tarra’s orangotangos thangas tro widdars
Provencal 6 0.83 Malmarriedad frisque la gaye pyrrhique reverso-gassed valentine eyes
Anglo-Indian 5 0.70 Ap Pukkaru Pukka Yurap see-boy seeboy
Turkish 5 0.70 Bey adi batin gokgorlay shebi
Esperanto 4 0.56 audiurient militopucos planko pringlpik
Middle English 4 0.56 Assaye assaye funk ourn
Rhaeto-Romansh 4 0.56 Fe Neblas fo fom
Spanish 4 0.56 Luna an — glease sobralasolas youstead
Ukranian 4 0.56 Hney du-ran hney hney
Welsh 3 0.42 davy kisstvanes porthery
Finnish 2 0.28 nkon ukkunun
Lithuanian 2 0.28 Per-ko gruauya
Persian 2 0.28 barg peri
Sanskrit 2 0.28 Kapelavaster mahomahouma
Albanian 1 0.14 bumullu
Breton 1 0.14 kuru
Chinese 1 0.14 Shen
Gipsy 1 0.14 gorgios
Japanese 1 0.14 kamminar
Malay 1 0.14 hundhur
Old Icelandic 1 0.14 hrosspower
Old Romanian 1 0.14 thun
Romanian 1 0.14 thuna
Samoan 1 0.14 faititill
Swahili 1 0.14 radi
Swedish 1 0.14 awnska
Swiss-German 1 0.14 snore

The following simply displayings the contrast between the usage of the different languages in a different format: a bar graph! Mouse over the bar to see the number of occurrences

Albanian Anglo-Indian Anglo-Irish Arabic Breton Chinese Czech Danish Dutch Esperanto Finnish French German Gipsy Greek Hebrew Hindustani Irish Gaelic Italian Japanese Latin Lithuanian Malay Middle English Norwegian Old English Old Icelandic Old Norse Old Romanian Persian Portuguese Provencal Rhaeto-Romansh Romanian Russian Samoan Sanskrit Serbo-Croatian Spanish Swahili Swedish Swiss-German Turkish Ukranian Welsh